How Content Marketing Helps Non-Profits Achieve 3 Important Goals


How Content Marketing Helps Non-Profits Achieve 3 Important Goals

Content marketing can help non-profits and NGOs, too. Use these tips to get discovered online and help support your organizational goals.

Content Marketing for Nonprofits

Ginya Carnahan, APR, CPRC, director of marketing and development at the Dattoli Cancer Foundation, sits down with Consonant Custom Media Publisher/Creative Director Steve Smith to talk about how content marketing has helped the Foundation accomplish its objectives in donor engagement and community relations. Ginya’s newly revitalized magazine, Journey, is helping them to engage more effectively with expanding communities of prostate cancer survivors, families, donors, physicians and others.

Social Media for Nonprofits: 6 Essential Strategies for Success

In today’s age, we all know that social media marketing is important. It plays an integral part in any organization’s strategy to attract, engage, convert, and retain people.

In fact, nonprofit marketing and fundraising go hand-in-hand. The more active you are on social media, the more people will know about your organization. And, the more people know about your organization, the more effective your fundraising will be.

Therefore, social media for nonprofits is one of the most valuable fundraising tools.The trick is to use it effectively, which can prove to be more difficult than it seems.

In this video, we’re going through the 6 essential social media strategies to set your nonprofit social media strategy up for success.

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Check out the video transcription:

Show Notes:
Hubspot’s Social Media Content Calendar Template:

Nonprofit Fundraising in 2022:

Video Outline:
0:00 Intro
0:36 #1 Use Your Nonprofit Brand’s Visual Identity
1:37 #2 Create a Social Media Calendar
2:32 #3 Use Your Brand Voice Consistently
3:31 #4 Say More With Less Words
4:21 #5 Engage Your Audience
6:00 #6 Have Fun
6:55 Closing Thoughts

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Marketing for Nonprofits: Top 5 Nonprofit Marketing Tips

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Marketing for nonprofits is different from marketing for any other type of business out there, and we know this better than anybody because we’ve helped nonprofits increase their followers by 23K+ on social media, collect petition signatures, drive post engagement at as a low as $0.003 per engagement and more.


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So this is what we’re including in today’s video: a step by step breakdown of how to successfully market your nonprofit to attract more volunteers, funding, resources and to see the needs of your nonprofit met.

Video Outline

Intro (00:00)
Invest In A Solid Website (1:04)
SEO or Search Engine Optimization (4:51)
Content Marketing (8:59)
Social Media Marketing (10:53)
PPC Marketing (15:45)

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